Monday, December 29, 2014

Ok SO It's nearly 2015!!

This is going to be a long post because I have a lot to say. I don't know about you, but I think of my best life ideas in the shower and I just got out. For the next year I am going to blog and hold myself accountable for my goals this year. I really want to turn my life up a notch this year and I think this is a great way to do it. While I am blogging I will be giving myself a manicure. This should be interesting. I'm really excited to do this and look back on the year, I love this type of stuff. I'm not sure why but everything I'm eating lately has been making me really gassy. I realise that I have CF, but Jesus I feel like a balloon. I'm starting to even resist the Gas X that I've been taking. That sucks big time! Wow my cuticles are in rough shape!! Guess I should have taken off my Christmas nails sooner, oops! Oh well. No more shellac for a while, all natural!!  SO my New Years Resolution this year is to not get lazy, I find when I'm lazy I'm depressed and I don't want to fall back into that pattern. I think I can handle this one! I have a few goals for the year too and then a few monthly goals etc. so my hope is that writing here every day I will attain those goals because it's like being held accountable every day. Structure and lists keep my anxiety down too, so that's another reason for this. So earlier today I made a to do list for me to check off every day, I think that will help me accomplish my day to day tasks and then I can go from there. Ouch! I just cut my cuticle a little too far up. Oh well, no blood I'll be fine :) I need to wear mittens and lotion to bed, my hands feel so dry. I have that Nick Jonas song in my head. Jealous or something like that. haha. Ok so my monthly goals as of right now are. January - Calendar of exercises. I want to get back into the exercise routine, I know I feel better when I'm exercising and there's a girl with CF on one of my FB pages who got rid of her CF belly and offered advice. Well I've messaged her 3 times with no reply, but she has me intrigued. I really want to get rid of my cf belly and all this gas. I think the holidays have definitely gotten me off kilter, but it's time to focus on my diet and exercise again! I also want to have a workout testimony for Arbonne with the diet and Protein shakes. SO January is my kickstart month! I also hope to maintain if not bring up my PFT's. April - I will be Area Manager for Arbonne!!! No questions asked! I'm hoping to be further along, but NO MATTER WHAT I will be Area! Chris and I are going to Las Vegas and I can not wait!! I've always wanted to go and it is happening!! OMG!! woohoo!!! I love that I can do my own nails, don't get me wrong I love having them done, but it's nice to be able to do them when ever I want and they look awesome! I'm doing Kennebunkport, one of my favourite reds. March is my Winter Ball so I need to get focused on entertainment for that. Like yesterday!! I love having my nails painted, now not to ruin them is the game. Ok so a seasonal goal is to not get sick. I have until April for that too. I am going to do everything I can. I already started the immunity booster from Arbonne which is awesome and I upped my vitamin C and D which is also awesome. I wish I could introduce every CFer to Arbonne it's just the best ever. I will do the best I can. Speaking of that I hope Katy is still doing well. I always think of her and pray. Ok so back to my goals. August of this year, my birthday present will be RVP, my no matter what, unless I'm already there which I hope to be! Chris and I also need to focus on our wedding and where that will be. We have time though since we're only inviting 8 people. Not that we can wait a ton of time but we'll be ok. I want to make a decision though just so I know. I would love to go this whole year without being in the hospital, that would be incredible. I will definitely give it my all. My May fundraiser is the tattoo day and I need a design for my tattoo still. I need to send out another email to my committee! We need heads for the Winter Ball. I just sent an email. Ok Well it's only 9 but I'm getting sleepy. I'll blog again tomorrow!! xox ~August

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