Monday, January 5, 2015


Wow! I need to set a reminder to post on here. I totally forgot again last night. Today has been a good day so far. I went to an early meeting and then had breakfast with two of my girlfriends! It was nice. I have stuff to do today and I'm kind of procrastinating. I need to get on it. I think I'm going to go get me new phone today if all goes well. I'm still trying to figure out financial stuff. My checking account got hacked into so I closed it and now I'm dealing with the switch over so I have no money. It's a bit unnerving because it's the 5th of the month, but what ever I will figure it out! I am waiting for a call back from the direct deposit that didn't go through. I hope that I will get it soon! So I'm going to go check my sugar because I feel like it's high. It's kind of an anxious feeling. I'll write again later! Have a good day everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3

I can't believe it's January third. On this day 19 years ago I got my drivers license. That seems so weird to me. Wow! Today was a good day, I went this morning and made a vision board with part of my upline and sideline team. It was a great experience. I saw some of the women in a different light, it was refreshing. Then I had coffee with a friend who I don't get to see very often but I always love meeting up with her she always has such positive things to say. She may be getting a job closer to me so I will get to see her more. I brought a meeting to a friend who has Cancer, it was an amazing experience 12 people were there to show their love and support to him and I loved it! I got in touch with one of the venues where hopefully I can have the benefit for him, I'll talk to them on Monday! I cleaned a bit today, I really love when I have the chance to thoroughly clean, I promised Chris I would make that a habit again, I definitely got off of the routine and now I'm back on. I need to prioritise and that needs to be one of them, for both of our mental health. Tomorrow I am chairing a meeting in the am and getting my brows waxed, but then I can come home and continue to clean the house. Chris is off on Monday so I will have him help me take down the Christmas decorations and bring everything back up to the attic. I started on a new bag for Goodwill today, clothes that I bought but am not wearing right now. I'm really trying to have things in my closet that I feel amazing wearing. I've gotten rid of a lot of my clothes because of various reasons, but the ones I do have I pretty much just rotate. Its really only like 5 outfits. I need to venture them out, but I have other priorities right now. Soon enough I will get to buy a few new pieces. I saw the cutest coat the other day, but it was 60 dollars and I really don't need another coat. That is the one thing I do not need. SO tomorrow I want to go through the file cabinet and organise the files and burn what I truly don't need. I have a lot of papers that I probably don't really need. I also need to go through the linen closet and figure that out too. There's a lot in there that I don't think we use, why not donate it to Goodwill so someone who will use it can have it. I think i'm in cleanse mode again. Make room for new more substantial things, not just stuff. I keep thinking of the bibs and stuff we have left over from the race this year, do I keep it for next year, or toss it. I definitely don;t want to get rid of it if I need to buy it again, but it's taking up so much room in my attic. Hmmm... decisions, decisions. It's fine I'll figure it out. I also need to do laundry, I have let it build up too much. The blankets need to be washed. Ok I'm totally rambling... My Gratitude list for today. 1. AA and my sisterhood and brotherhood 2. Friends no matter what 3. Patience 4. A warm bed 5. My Arbonne Business  Good Night! xoxxo ~August

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve 2014

Wow!! New Years Eve 2014. In less than 2 hours it will be January 1, 2015 I really can't believe it. It has truly been an incredible year. I did spend a few months in the hospital, but overall it was amazing. I made a ton of new friends and people I now call family! I've had such an amazing response from my community surrounding my transplant and I can not wait to pay it forward in 2015. I will be starting a non profit with Waiting to Breathe. I want to get that established now because I know it takes a bit of time. I traveled more than normal, I had amazing photos taken this year both alone and with my beautiful fiancé. I got engaged, oh my god it was magical! I love him so much! I lived another year of sobriety. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. I am able to be me, I am able to learn and grow and be silly and whatever I want to be. I have a higher power who shows me that all we need is love. I am able to feel feelings and heal from things in my past. It's amazing! I started my own business and I am rocking it! I love my life and can not wait to see what 2015 will bring me. My new Years resolution is to not be lazy. I will do the little things that I don't always want to do or like to do because I know that they are good for me. I will be better for doing them and I will learn from them, no matter how small. I am so thankful for:
1. A roof over my head
2. A warm coat
3. Constructive criticism
4. Hugs
5. Family

I will see you all next year! xoxo ~August

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Tuesday

Today was a good day. I checked off a lot of my to do list which is awesome! Tomorrow is a great day to do more. Paisley had an upset tummy this morning, but seems fine now. I hope whatever caused it passed. I can tell already January is going to be amazing! Fun filled and packed! I'm so excited to see what comes of it! I am having dinner with a new friend tomorrow night, which will be awesome! I hope to create lasting memories, she seems like a great girl to have as a friend!

I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma and I really want to do something nice for him. He has done so much for me! I'm hoping I can pull a crew together for a dance night of some kind!

I can't believe tomorrow is NYE it has been an amazing year full of ups and downs, but mostly ups. I checked off bucket list items, got engaged! Rescued a dog, started my own business, gained many lasting friendships, did a lot of growing and learning. Proved to myself that I have what it takes to be the lady God wants me to be! I can not wait to see what 2015 brings. I'm sure it will be equally amazing, I know for sure I will be smiling from ear to ear this time next year!

Today I am grateful for:
1. My health
2. My Fiance
3. My higher Power
4. My AA family
5. My tenacity

And so it is! ~August

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ok SO It's nearly 2015!!

This is going to be a long post because I have a lot to say. I don't know about you, but I think of my best life ideas in the shower and I just got out. For the next year I am going to blog and hold myself accountable for my goals this year. I really want to turn my life up a notch this year and I think this is a great way to do it. While I am blogging I will be giving myself a manicure. This should be interesting. I'm really excited to do this and look back on the year, I love this type of stuff. I'm not sure why but everything I'm eating lately has been making me really gassy. I realise that I have CF, but Jesus I feel like a balloon. I'm starting to even resist the Gas X that I've been taking. That sucks big time! Wow my cuticles are in rough shape!! Guess I should have taken off my Christmas nails sooner, oops! Oh well. No more shellac for a while, all natural!!  SO my New Years Resolution this year is to not get lazy, I find when I'm lazy I'm depressed and I don't want to fall back into that pattern. I think I can handle this one! I have a few goals for the year too and then a few monthly goals etc. so my hope is that writing here every day I will attain those goals because it's like being held accountable every day. Structure and lists keep my anxiety down too, so that's another reason for this. So earlier today I made a to do list for me to check off every day, I think that will help me accomplish my day to day tasks and then I can go from there. Ouch! I just cut my cuticle a little too far up. Oh well, no blood I'll be fine :) I need to wear mittens and lotion to bed, my hands feel so dry. I have that Nick Jonas song in my head. Jealous or something like that. haha. Ok so my monthly goals as of right now are. January - Calendar of exercises. I want to get back into the exercise routine, I know I feel better when I'm exercising and there's a girl with CF on one of my FB pages who got rid of her CF belly and offered advice. Well I've messaged her 3 times with no reply, but she has me intrigued. I really want to get rid of my cf belly and all this gas. I think the holidays have definitely gotten me off kilter, but it's time to focus on my diet and exercise again! I also want to have a workout testimony for Arbonne with the diet and Protein shakes. SO January is my kickstart month! I also hope to maintain if not bring up my PFT's. April - I will be Area Manager for Arbonne!!! No questions asked! I'm hoping to be further along, but NO MATTER WHAT I will be Area! Chris and I are going to Las Vegas and I can not wait!! I've always wanted to go and it is happening!! OMG!! woohoo!!! I love that I can do my own nails, don't get me wrong I love having them done, but it's nice to be able to do them when ever I want and they look awesome! I'm doing Kennebunkport, one of my favourite reds. March is my Winter Ball so I need to get focused on entertainment for that. Like yesterday!! I love having my nails painted, now not to ruin them is the game. Ok so a seasonal goal is to not get sick. I have until April for that too. I am going to do everything I can. I already started the immunity booster from Arbonne which is awesome and I upped my vitamin C and D which is also awesome. I wish I could introduce every CFer to Arbonne it's just the best ever. I will do the best I can. Speaking of that I hope Katy is still doing well. I always think of her and pray. Ok so back to my goals. August of this year, my birthday present will be RVP, my no matter what, unless I'm already there which I hope to be! Chris and I also need to focus on our wedding and where that will be. We have time though since we're only inviting 8 people. Not that we can wait a ton of time but we'll be ok. I want to make a decision though just so I know. I would love to go this whole year without being in the hospital, that would be incredible. I will definitely give it my all. My May fundraiser is the tattoo day and I need a design for my tattoo still. I need to send out another email to my committee! We need heads for the Winter Ball. I just sent an email. Ok Well it's only 9 but I'm getting sleepy. I'll blog again tomorrow!! xox ~August

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A roller coaster of emotions today

Tuesday Septmber 9, 2014

Well today has been quite the day! I took Chris to work early and then came home and decided to go back to bed for a bit, I had a chiropractors appointment at 10:30 so I thought I would go back to sleep until then. I felt awful so I decided to call to see if I could move my appt. down to later in the day. I could so off to sleep I went. I had a hair appointment at 1 and thankfully Paisley woke me up at about 12:25p or I would have never made it. Turns out I was still about 5 minutes late. I had a great appointment and talked a lot about fundraising and Arbonne, she's going to help me a lot!! She was great! If anyone reading this needs a new hairdresser let me know, she's an awesome stylist and person! So I flew out of their late for the Chiropractor and got in with him. He did extra which was awesome I almost fell asleep. Then I had to get gas cause my gas light was on and I was off to the doctors, I showed up about 15 minutes late! oops! I'm glad they like me there. So basically he said that the antibiotics that I was just on didn't work, so I go back into the hospital tomorrow to get even heavier duty stuff! It sucks so much! I really hoped that the last round, two weeks ago, would work. Now I have to leave my fiancé, and puppy and put a bunch of stuff on hold. I really hope to bounce back fast, I have a lot to do for my fundraiser!! Arbonne was starting to take off again too and thankfully Zephi is going to help, but I just hate the loss of control. I got my check from Bob Marley today though, so that's awesome! We'll be depositing that in the morning! I'm so tired of coughing. Oh and my news piece tonight was awesome!!! They did an fantastic job with it!! I'm so excited! Ok I'm going to go do meds! I'll keep updating! xoxo ~August

Monday, September 8, 2014

So... I am feeling yucky again

September 7, 2014

I wish this post didn't have to be sad. I'm feeling like I'm coming down with something again. I have been coughing more, run down, just tired all the time. I have no idea why. I haven't even been off ivs for 2 weeks yet. I'm not happy about this. My lungs are being very aggressive. Stubborn little POSs. I feel like they are telling me to slow down. I am doing the best I can. Ok it's nap time. I'll report tomorrow after my appointment.