Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3

I can't believe it's January third. On this day 19 years ago I got my drivers license. That seems so weird to me. Wow! Today was a good day, I went this morning and made a vision board with part of my upline and sideline team. It was a great experience. I saw some of the women in a different light, it was refreshing. Then I had coffee with a friend who I don't get to see very often but I always love meeting up with her she always has such positive things to say. She may be getting a job closer to me so I will get to see her more. I brought a meeting to a friend who has Cancer, it was an amazing experience 12 people were there to show their love and support to him and I loved it! I got in touch with one of the venues where hopefully I can have the benefit for him, I'll talk to them on Monday! I cleaned a bit today, I really love when I have the chance to thoroughly clean, I promised Chris I would make that a habit again, I definitely got off of the routine and now I'm back on. I need to prioritise and that needs to be one of them, for both of our mental health. Tomorrow I am chairing a meeting in the am and getting my brows waxed, but then I can come home and continue to clean the house. Chris is off on Monday so I will have him help me take down the Christmas decorations and bring everything back up to the attic. I started on a new bag for Goodwill today, clothes that I bought but am not wearing right now. I'm really trying to have things in my closet that I feel amazing wearing. I've gotten rid of a lot of my clothes because of various reasons, but the ones I do have I pretty much just rotate. Its really only like 5 outfits. I need to venture them out, but I have other priorities right now. Soon enough I will get to buy a few new pieces. I saw the cutest coat the other day, but it was 60 dollars and I really don't need another coat. That is the one thing I do not need. SO tomorrow I want to go through the file cabinet and organise the files and burn what I truly don't need. I have a lot of papers that I probably don't really need. I also need to go through the linen closet and figure that out too. There's a lot in there that I don't think we use, why not donate it to Goodwill so someone who will use it can have it. I think i'm in cleanse mode again. Make room for new more substantial things, not just stuff. I keep thinking of the bibs and stuff we have left over from the race this year, do I keep it for next year, or toss it. I definitely don;t want to get rid of it if I need to buy it again, but it's taking up so much room in my attic. Hmmm... decisions, decisions. It's fine I'll figure it out. I also need to do laundry, I have let it build up too much. The blankets need to be washed. Ok I'm totally rambling... My Gratitude list for today. 1. AA and my sisterhood and brotherhood 2. Friends no matter what 3. Patience 4. A warm bed 5. My Arbonne Business  Good Night! xoxxo ~August

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