Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A roller coaster of emotions today

Tuesday Septmber 9, 2014

Well today has been quite the day! I took Chris to work early and then came home and decided to go back to bed for a bit, I had a chiropractors appointment at 10:30 so I thought I would go back to sleep until then. I felt awful so I decided to call to see if I could move my appt. down to later in the day. I could so off to sleep I went. I had a hair appointment at 1 and thankfully Paisley woke me up at about 12:25p or I would have never made it. Turns out I was still about 5 minutes late. I had a great appointment and talked a lot about fundraising and Arbonne, she's going to help me a lot!! She was great! If anyone reading this needs a new hairdresser let me know, she's an awesome stylist and person! So I flew out of their late for the Chiropractor and got in with him. He did extra which was awesome I almost fell asleep. Then I had to get gas cause my gas light was on and I was off to the doctors, I showed up about 15 minutes late! oops! I'm glad they like me there. So basically he said that the antibiotics that I was just on didn't work, so I go back into the hospital tomorrow to get even heavier duty stuff! It sucks so much! I really hoped that the last round, two weeks ago, would work. Now I have to leave my fiancé, and puppy and put a bunch of stuff on hold. I really hope to bounce back fast, I have a lot to do for my fundraiser!! Arbonne was starting to take off again too and thankfully Zephi is going to help, but I just hate the loss of control. I got my check from Bob Marley today though, so that's awesome! We'll be depositing that in the morning! I'm so tired of coughing. Oh and my news piece tonight was awesome!!! They did an fantastic job with it!! I'm so excited! Ok I'm going to go do meds! I'll keep updating! xoxo ~August

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