Saturday, August 2, 2014

way too long

August 2, 2014

It has been way too long since I've written, I can't believe it. So much has happened. Today is Saturday although it doesn't feel like it. I slept a lot today. I went to a meeting this morning and then came home ate breakfast and went back to bed. I slept until 4. Holy crap!! oops! I guess I needed the sleep. I have been doing a lot lately. My parents are selling their house so I've been back and forth over there helping them clear stuff out. I'm going to help them start cleaning tomorrow, I bought a mask and will wear gloves. I really want to help though. They have another lady going to check it out to see if they want to hire her to clean on Monday. Part of me hopes she does and part does not. I really want to do it. I love cleaning I think it's a stress relief. Anything I can do to help my dad is awesome too, he's done way too much on his own.

I was on the radio with Ray Richardson on Wednesday morning that was really cool. I was so nervous, but once I was in the studio I was fine. Ray is so nice and he wants us back there after Labor Day. George was on with me, he filled in the blanks for me which is great. I sometimes become a deer in headlights when I'm put on the spot. Hopefully that will get better with time. I have another event coming up to get more awareness out there. It will be fantastic! I'm getting great feedback about the race and the silent auction too. I still need donations but they'll come!

Arbonne is going great this is going to be an amazing month!! It's my month after all!! I'm giving free pedicures to anyone who hosts for me! It's going to be Awesome! I already have 2 on the calendar!

My cough seems to be getting worse but I'm not sure why, and my insurance has stopped paying for my medications. I need to call on Monday and get that cleared up. I wen to pick 2 up yesterday and the pharmacy tech said they're not covered. What?!?! Since when?? Any way I'll figure it out. Just a bump in the road to health!

I need to go do my nails, but I will start checking in more. xoxo ~August

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