Friday, August 22, 2014

Amazing Night!

August 22, 2014

Good Morning everyone! I had a great time last night at my Local Buzz benefit! Patty Morris is amazing, without her it would have been a dud, but with her we raised $881.00 I can not believe it! People are amazing! The music was great the people were great. I even got to share Arbonne with a few ladies, I love my life. When the going gets tough you put on your wellies and press on! We brought Paisley and Chris had to sit outside with her all night, he's incredible. It was too far of a drive to drive her home, but he didn't complain. He's perfect for me! I love my new little family! I'm excited about this whole journey. Another thing Clint is starting a new fundraising venture where people pay to get inspirational quotes and then the money make dreams come true for people. Kind of like make a wish, kind of. He's incredible. Another amazing person in my life. When I think of all the people god has put in my life recently I'm so humbled. Patty, Clint, Alison, Joyce, Zephi, Debora, I could go on. Just a few that are extremely instrumental in my life right now! I'm really excited for the Bob Marley show in a few weeks, and my birthday in a few days! OMG!! 34 years old, I made it to 34!!! FUCF, I got this! I'm rambling so I will stop and take Chris to work. xoxo ~August

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