Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another pinchable day

Thursday June 19, 2014

SO... last night was incredible!! We packed the place, at one point there was a wait. Granted Petrillo's is itty bitty, that's ok! I was awesome! I had so much support. Even the manager said that she could tell I was loved, just by being there. That's so great! So I'm excited to ask the next restaurant about the next one. I want to do a few more. People have mentioned a few places, so I'll contact them and see what happens. I know they'll respond well. Today has been great also, although I wanted to stay in bed this morning, I couldn't I had and still have so much to do today. I had a meeting this morning, then 2 appointments, then I went to get Chris at work, then I dropped off prizes and Arbonne info to a friend, now I'm home for a minute catching up on email, and fb, and blogging, obviously, then we're off to the chiropractor, and to take Chris to work, then I need to go to my parents house and drop stuff off, then hopefully to Staples, then to a Discover Arbonne Event tonight. Holy moly, I still have so much to do!! Tomorrow though is free and clear, I can sleep in and putter around here. Clean!!! It looks like a tornado came through here right now! I've been so busy these last few days I haven't had time. That's ok I have all weekend really. Which is awesome! I need to go eat something. I'm so hungry! I'll talk to you all soon!!! xoxo ~August

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