Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good Morning!!

Wednesday June 18, 2014

Good Morning!!! It's not even 5:00am and I am up, my stomach woke me up, not in a good way. Oh well. I did eat things yesterday that I normally do not. My stomach is very finicky. So I'm sitting here waiting to see what it's going to do. Any way...

Yesterday was a great day, so many positive things happened. Arbonne is taking off, I'm on fire! I love that! It's all about what you put in. I asked the man at Village Framer to donate a frame for tonight, and without hesitation he said yes. That's so awesome! I spent some time with some really great girls last night. I love my life. I seriously could not imagine this life yet it's happening just the way it's supposed to be. I truly think that.

I've been seeing a chiropractor Dr. Clint Steele, and it's great, he's great. I really think I'm going to benefit so much from this, as I adjust the way I'm sitting, lol! Chris is seeing him too which is amazing. He needs this to work. Clint also has a company called Pay it Forward X 1,000,000. Which helps fundraise and spreads the word for different charities. Isn't it amazing how the world works. You meet 1 person and the flood gates open for help and support. At least that's how it's happened to me. In this case I was asked to go listen to a friend play music. From that I was able to put postcards at the venue, which meant I met the owner who then introduced me to a friend who's daughter has CF and has done some fundraising, then she brought me to a networking mixer where I met Clint and he's going to help me physically and with fund-raising. Also in being out in that area I was able to put postcards in 3 other locations. Wow!! Amazing. Also that same night I met the band I went to listen too and they are going to do a fund raiser for me, and I met another girl who knows the owner of a venue and they are going to let me do a fundraiser there. Just so many things. I'm so excited!!

Tonight is my Petrillo's event!! I'm really excited about it! A lot of people are coming!! I'm having a silent auction which I really hope brings in a lot of money. We opened the trust account yesterday so that's awesome, it makes it more real. I'm kind of sad that Dom didn't agree to having channel 6 come in, but that's ok. I think we'll still get exposure. I have a few errands to run this morning, but I think I have everything I need. I'm going to go over a little early to set up. Hopefully I can get it all done in 30 minutes. I'm sure I can it's not that much to do. I think I'm going to wear my awesome shoes tonight. It feels like that kind of day. It's not even 5:30am. AAAAHHHH!!! I should see if I can get a little more sleep. I'll talk to you all later!!! xoxo ~August

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