Friday, June 6, 2014


Friday June 6, 2014

Wow! Today has been wonderful! It started out with breakfast with a great group of ladies and then I started on my journey around town checking on how my bracelets and postcards were selling. I put up a couple of fliers for my next fundraiser at Petrillo's and got a couple of donations for the raffle that night too! I also found 3 more places to sell my postcards! Wow people are incredible! There was one mean lady who someone must have done her wrong today, but hey there's gotta be one, right? I have been very fortunate to find some very generous people. My dad has been such a big help since he's been back, making phone calls and emailing contacts, and my mom is selling my bracelets and postcards for me too. I am so lucky to have such amazing people on my side.

Yesterday Chris and I celebrated 3 years together. He got me a card and beautiful flowers. He's the best I love him so much! I am thankful for so much today. I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, I got to share a meal with 5 beautiful women, I was complemented and reassured by many people, I had a chance to share part of my story with a few, I added to my transplant fund. What more could a girl ask for. Life for me is full of love and gratitude. I am thankful for every breath, and thankful to have been given another chance at this amazing life!

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